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Speaking French with a Southern Accent

Since moving to the south of France this year, I have noticed lots of subtle similarities between the American South and Southern France. I've owned the house here in the Languedoc Rousillon Region since 1999, but vacationing somewhere and LIVING there are two separate realities. The town where I live is called Uzes, and is inhabited by more than a few expats like myself. Most came here to escape the dreary weather of the british isles. Many residents refuse to speak french except for a few important phrases like "more wine please". As my french improves I begin to see that I really fit in here. Like my home town of Cedar Swamp Community this area is historically protestant. Agriculture is the back bone of the economy and folks care very little for how things are done up North. There is the simplistic beauty here that comes from land lovingly cultivated. Although I know I've only scratched the surface, I am beginning to sense the essence of the place...a depth and soul akin to another place that I also call home.

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