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Christmas like I've never seen

My friend Deborah's photo of Uzes at Christmas time

Christmas around here a week ago was starting to seem a little too much like a Joni Mitchell song. Missing home at the holidays is not unique. Little did I know that Uzes does Christmas better than anywhere I've ever been. All of that decorating has reached a holly jolly frenzy. Christmas carols being piped from the stone street archways, and that's only the beginning of it. Hundreds of people crowd the town squares, shopping, eating, drinking hot spiced wine. Children clamor onto the horse drawn wagon as it trots merrily up and down the stone streets. If you want to get into a spirit of another higher level, come to the South of France for Christmas! Here are some photos I took with my new smart phone, luckily I earn my living as a painter not a photographer, excuse the blurriness, it might have been the Vin Chaud. For more beautiful photos than mine visit my friends blog

Cheese Vendor

The cheese vendor, I'm not sure how they managed to move that giant cheese wheel.

Close up of the giant cheese

Close up of the giant cheese wheel. It's definitely the right time of year for La Raclette.

white lights in the plane trees above the market tents

Tiny white lights illuminate the Plane Trees in the squares filled with market tents selling all sorts of food and crafts.

horse drawn wagon filled with children

The presence of the horses and wagon filled with laughing children helps create an atmosphere of being in another time, a time when people were filled with spirit!

children in the back of the wagon

chestnuts roasting

Roasted Chestnuts are a big crowd pleaser.

When the wandering about gets too chilly, I dive into my watering hole, the PMU Bar, which has the most wonderful staircase, that I'd love to paint one day

Despite all the festivities, I have found time to paint. Here are a couple of new paintings I'm working on, it's a good time for interiors

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